First post.

In July 2017, I created this boutique business consulting firm.  The main reason for creating this business is that I needed to see if I could do it.  Ever felt that way?  

What am I capable of?  How much further could I go?  
I love what I do and adore people I've worked with.  But, there's a little bit of something missing.  How do I get to that part? 
Is it ok to want more?

I want to work with mission driven businesses and organizations because the people that create and operate those teams have inspired me greatly the last few years.  My day jobs don't overlap with this population of businesses, so I seized the opportunity.  That said, I am doing the work with a healthy dose of empathy (thanks for the phrasing, Dacia!) and "good amount" (thanks for the phrasing, Pioneer Woman!) of down-to-earth sensibility.